I’m ditching the Willy Nilly tiktok effort and instead I’m planning my way to going viral! 
For too long I’ve been using tiktok as a give or take platform. I never really put much thought into creating content or understanding how the platform works. 
I’ve only ever had one viral video and it was complete luck.

I keep seeing social media gurus shouting about how you need to post every day on tiktok, post multiple times a day and show consistency, but creating content alongside being the sole runner of things for your small business can be tough. 

So… I’ve made a content plan and I’m gonna test the theory!
Being stuck for ideas is one of the biggest reasons I don’t post daily on tiktok, so I’ve assigned a different theme to each day of the week. I researched online the ‘apparent’ best times to post on tiktok and noted them down next to each day to keep me on track for what times I should post. I’ve also made a little hooks & ideas sheet to explain each theme more clearly and give examples of the content that could be included in each. I’d highly recommend making your own prompts sheet or have a notepad handy to jot down ideas for each theme, then when it comes to actually making the content you will have already done the hard part… generating the idea! 

This is the template I have for my own content plan for tiktok, but there is a blank one below which you can use to start your own plan! 
Below the blank template is the hooks and ideas sheet to help get you started!

 maybe this will work or maybe it won’t - but at least with a plan we can test what works best… and most importantly if you’re anything like me, having a plan to follow makes things 100x easier!