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CHUCKY KEWPIE KILLER 45mm hard enamel pin badge with screen printed details & glitter 🔪

GRADINGenamel pins often get a grade assigned to them that reflects their overall quality. Because enamel pins are manufactured by hand, not every pin will look perfect and slight flaws may occur. The highest grade is an A grade and can decline in perfection to that of a C grade.

A Grade
 - A ‘perfect’ pin. These pins reflect the highest quality and look exactly how they’re supposed to with next to no visible flaws! You may see tiny imperfections under very close examination but these pins are the closest to perfect as they possibly can be! 

B Grade - A slightly imperfect pin. These pins may display slight surface flaws such as minor dents in the enamel plating, scratches visible in certain lighting, minor defects in screen printing, small spots of missing colour filament. The imperfections of a B grade pin DO NOT distract from the overall pin design. These faults have been identified under close examination and are often unnoticeable! You are likely to receive your pin and think “what’s wrong with it?!” 

C Grade - Noticeably imperfect pins. These pins will have visible defects that DO distract from the overall pin design, such as large parts of missing enamel filament and/or damaged enamel. These pins are the most discounted grade as they are significantly flawed. 

 Examples of each pin grade can be found here